• What is Midiarte?

    Midiarte produces and offers, with professional quality, mp3 backing tracks, midi files and keyboard styles of Portuguese music, Brazilian, African and Latin. More information HERE

  • What kind of product and authorisation will I receive?

    Each Midi file, Styles or Mp3 is produced with the best quality, by professional musicians, in studios equipped with the latest technology. Receives also license to display the products they acquire, as support for your show. When using our products, have already been paid all rights and copyrights to the authors. Can relax in time to be inspected. All files into a digital watermark with all your data, your name, purchase date, invoice number, according to the watermark Analyzer used by the authorities.

  • Posso exibir os vossos Midi Files | Ritmos | Mp3 em espaços públicos?

    Para os exibir em espaços públicos, os responsáveis pelo espaço devem  obter junto das entidades ( PASSMÚSICA | SPA | IGAC) as devidas licenças para Execução Pública. 

    Em situação de fiscalização deve facilitar o acesso à sua conta, na Midiarte.pt para que as autoridades comprovem que a documentação existente na sua ficha de cliente coincide com o Certificado e documento de identificação em posse do exibidor.
    A Midiarte só se responsabiliza pelos Midi Files | Ritmos | Instrumentais Mp3 que constem no certificado que deve obrigatoriamente coincidir com os da sua conta online.

    É de máxima importância ler as informações seguintes acerca dos Certificados de Legalidade que devem acompanhar os Midi Files, Ritmos  e Instrumentais Mp3:

    Certificados de Legalidade - Informação para actuações em Portugal.
    Certificados de Legalidade - Informação para actuações em outros países.

  • O que é a licença PASSMÚSICA?

    Para além dos Direitos de autor existem outros direitos ligados aos produtores, artistas, etc. São chamados os Direitos Conexos, tal como definidos no Código de Direitos de Autor e Direitos Conexos.

    Assim, também é necessário uma licença de Execução Pública em sede de Direitos Conexos. Essas licenças são emitidas pela PASSMÚSICA. Consulte o site  www.passmusica.pt/

  • What I need to browse the Midiarte website?

    Midiarte.pt web site is structured in a way that does not require any additional software or hardware. Is 100% optimized for Smartphones and computers.

  • I can hear the demos of Midi files before the purchase?

    Yes, each midi file has associated a demo where you can listen to 30 seconds. This demo is in audio format and serves to hear midi quality or to recognize any song.

    You can also download the 4 free Midi files that we have on the site. To this, must be Login and enter the category "Free Midi files download these Midi files.

  • I can hear the demos of the Styles before the purchase?

    Yes, every Style has a demo where you can hear about of 60 seconds.

    You can also download the 4 Styles that have free on the site. To this must be Login and enter the category "Free Styles" download of these Styles.

  • Need some email to buy Midi files or Styles?

    Yes, you need an email to register on the site. Without registration you can't shop. When you register you will be asked a registration email will work as a means of contact between the Midiarte and the client.

  • How do I download the midi files, mp3 or Styles?

    After finishing your purchase and make payment (Paypal or Credit card), receives immediately the download links. When you click the link, you will be asked if you want to "open" or "Save". Should choose "Save", and then choose a place where he will be safe. The products stay also in your client Panel, in the downloads area. You can go back to download at any time.

    Where to find the download links:
    -Login with your email and password
    -After logging in, click "my account"
    -Click on the "Downloads".


  • I have discounts when I get your products?

    Yes, from 12 € on shopping starts to have quantity discounts. know more HERE

Midi files

  • What is a Midi file?

    A Midi file is a computer file, for the purpose of filing musical sequences. This means that it is not an audio file, since it does not record sound but information about their own musical notes, sounds, time, effects (delay, reverb, etc.)

  • What is the ticker symbol GM (General Midi)

    A synthesizer comprises a set of sounds of various instruments, and the need for a standardization did arise primarily the standard GM (General Midi). The GM standard defines a table of instruments, so that each instrument is associated with a number of program (patch). Soon, the acoustic piano will always be associated with the program 0, low without fret 35 program, and so on. In all, the standard GM sets 128 instruments (or voices) and a set of 47 battery parts. Thus, each instrument or piece is uniquely associated with battery a programme number, and all the standard GM synthesizer will abide by these definitions.

    This ensures that a song in a particular synthesizer with GM and performed in another synthesizer that is also GM standard, use the same instruments, channel by channel. A crucial detail is that the timbre, the characteristic of each instrument varies from one keyboard to another, so the song will not be identical. For example, the same midi file sounds differently if executed by a Roland or Ketron.

    In addition to the standard GM (General MIDI), there is the GS standard, created by Roland, which adds some GM standard instruments; and the XG, created by Yamaha, which increased greatly the amount of available instruments.


  • What does it take to listen to a midi file?

    To listen correctly a midi file you must have a compatible music keyboard GM (General midi), with floppy drive or USB input. You can also read the Midi files directly on your computer.

  • The who's recommended play with Midi files?

    The Midi files, because they are easily adaptable, can be used for all sorts of musicians. Here are some examples:

    Artist: is that singer who goes to the shows with your keyboard or laptop and just sings. The Midi files are the best way to get the instruments as it may organize your repertoire easily and modify it in roleplay for acting. It also has the facility to put the instruments to your tone of voice.

    Organist: Is one musician who normally does performances alone or in duo and that takes your music keyboard as a base. The Midi files are one of the forms of monitoring, this is because the organist can play also some additional monitoring, but the main base of the instruments already in there and I'm sure that there will be no mistakes. Of course if you want to play the songs feel as much like the original, the best way is to use Midi files. You can toggle the Midi files with Styles to play the songs easier and to be able to improvise. The Midi files give a chance to the musician duplicates of a given normal music last between 5 and 6 minutes, ideal for people dance.

    Solo Musician: Is one musician who takes only one instrument for their performances (guitar, saxophone, piano, etc) The Midi files are without doubt the best way to prepare the Repertory.We recommend that these musicians the following: Prepare your home directory, using the computer or a keyboard to read Midi files.

    Complete musical Groups: When it comes to musical groups that already have a drummer, bassist, etc the Midi files may serve as a complement to "fill" more the musical part. A group usually has 4 to 7 of musicians. If you hear a normal music, has more instruments. Of course, a group for playing that song with all instruments, will have to use Midi files to populate the instruments cannot play live. Typically these groups off (mute) parts of drums, bass, guitars and a keyboard solo. The rest of the Midi file accompanies the musicians.

    Partial musical Groups: Are those groups, or have no drummer, bassist or do not have, or do not have keyboard player. As discussed above, the Midi file will fill those voids, and activate or delete tracks according to the needs of the group.

  • What is Duplicate MIDI files?

    Usually a normal song have between 2:50 and 4:00 minutes, but experience tells that when it starts playing a song, people don't begin soon to dance, usually take some time and often is when the music is almost over I start to dance. To avoid this problem, we have available Midi files duplicates. Are Midi files that follow the normal order of the song, but when they are to finish resume again. This passage gives without noting the song with approximately twice as long. A slow song duplication may not be justified, but a dance song, it is almost obligatory to Midi file duplicated.

  • What's the best keyboard to read Midi files?

    This response is very personal. All brands have professional keyboards who read perfectly the Midi files.
    The difference between them depends only on the taste and wallet. The quality of the Midi file depends largely on the quality of the sounds of keyboards.

  • I have several Midi files I got from the internet. Can I use them in public?

    The Midi files from the internet, free sites, may not be used publicly. If they are acquired in Legal sites, must be accompanied by the respective Legality certificate.
    Legatity Certificate - information for performances in Portugal.
    Legatity Certificate - information for performances out of Portugal

  • How to test the quality of your Midi files?

    All the Midi files have demo. You may hear about 30 seconds of each Midi file. The demos are in audio format.

    You can also download the 4 free Midi files that we have on the site. To this must be Login and enter HERE


  • In what format are the Midi files?

    The Midi files are in format 0 and the configuration of the sounds is General midi (GM). Wanting the Midi files in format 1, visit our link "Utilities", where you can download a small program which converts the Midi format 0 files to the 1 format and vice versa.

  • What's the fastest way to buy a midi file?

    The fastest way is to make your order and pay by Paypal or Credit card. The process is real time and you can instantly download your package. This system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • What is a Midi-karaoke?

    A midi-karaoke is a normal Midi file but with lyrics synchronized. The lyrics goes on at the keyboard display or computer screen.

  • How can I have the Midi files in a Midi-karaoke format?

    Choose the Midi files normally. At the end of the order, in addition, you can choose the Midi files 
    with synchronized lyrics -Midi-Karaoke.

  • My keyboard can read the Midi-Karaoke?

    Almost all current keyboards, medium/high range can read the midis with lyrics on the screen.
    If, however, the keyboard cannot pass the lyrics, you can always read the musical part (the Midi file).

  • What is the best program to read the Midi-Karaoke on my PC or Mac?

    There are several, but the most versatile and complete is the Vanbasco. This program is absolutely free and you can download it HERE. You can also opt for Karafun

    For Mac (osx) there is the Midico or Sweet Midi Player


  • The Midi-karaokes have the same quality of Midi sound files?

    Yes. The sound quality is the same as a Midi-karaoke is a Midi file + synchronized lyrics. 
    The advantage of the Midi-karaoke is that the lyrics appears on the screen of your keyboard. Are also good to do karaoke, because several keyboards give also to connect to a TV.

  • Can I get duplicate Midi-Karaoke?

    Yes. The Midi-Karaoke are also available in duplicate version of the song. Choose the Midi files duplicates. At the end of the order, in addition, you can choose the Midi files duplicates
    with synchronized lyrics - Midi-Karaoke.

  • Be nice if it is monitored in a performance?

    Is important to read the following information about Legality certificates that must accompany the Midi files, Mp3 or Styles:

    Legatity Certificate - information for performances in Portugal.
    Legatity Certificate - information for performances out of Portugal


Music Styles
  • What are Styles?

    "Styles" or "Patterns" are terms that designate musical accompaniments for keyboards. A Style is divided into several parts and is controlled with the left hand to change the chords of the song. All our Styles have introduction and end of its song, such as the "breaks" and variations. 
    With a Style can play all the chords of a song, make it last as long as you want, pass the chorus for the intro, anyway, has freedom and total control with your left hand. Rate includes a group of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, strings, etc), that you control with your left hand, with her right hand still to do and follow.

  • What do I get when I buy a Style?

    Gets the Style for the keyboard that you have selected in your customer record, the lyrics and also a Legal Certificate (within the style) for display in places. Optionally, at the end of the order can add the lyrics with chords in .PDF format, by just more €0.70.

  • Can I use a Style of a given song to play another?

    Yes, there are many songs that are similar Styles. As an example, we have the Kizombas songs, which are based on almost the same Style. The only part that cannot be used is the introduction of the rate for that song. In the case of generic Midiarte Styles, are prepared to play all kinds of songs.

  • What the keyboards that are compatible with your Styles?

    Our Styles are compatible with brands: Roland, Yamaha, Technics, Korg, Ketron, Solton and Casio. When you register at Midiarte, is invited to select your keyboard.

  • I can't find the model of my keyboard when I register. Have they no Styles to him?

    If you don't find the model of your keyboard, at the time of your registration, please send us a message through this Form. It is likely that we have consistent Styles.

  • Structure of each Style PRO

    All the Styles of the Midiarte, have professional quality.


    -5 Acc + Bass + Drums
    -Intros and endings.
    -100% compatible with the latest keyboards and more professional.
    -Demos on the site made from keyboard Korg PA2X PRO

  • I'm thinking of buying or changing keyboard. What brand they advise me to buy?

    Nowadays, all keyboards, middle and top of the line, are very good. All of them have spectacular sounds and magical functions. The final choice depends on your wallet and your personal taste. We advise you to visit a musical instruments store, try different brands and models, lose a lot of time to do all the functions, hear sounds of accordion, used in our popular music, drum kits, good bass, good guitars, etc.
    The internal memory is also very important. If the keyboard has a hard disk, USB drive or memory card, will have no problem. You can store all your repertoire of Midi files and mp3, Styles and still left plenty of room. Are all these details that can dictate your choice. Don't be influenced by the shop owner who often represents a particular brand and, of course, tries to sell it.
    Another factor that should be taken into account, if you think working with Midiarte in the future, is how will give our Styles and Midi files in your new keyboard. In this case, send us a message through this Form, indicating us that keyboard is thinking about buying, or if you're in doubt between one or another model. In response, the Midiarte will send you 3 or 4 Styles in order to experience on keyboards, helping him like this in your decision.

Mp3 Backing Tracks

  • What are Mp3 Backing Tracks ?

    Are Backing Tracks/Playbacks based on original versions of the songs, but without the main voices. Are used by artists and musicians to serve as musical support to your voice or instrument.

  • What do I get when I buy a Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    Receives the Backing Tracks with professional quality and also the lyrics in pdf format to optionally print.
    The quality is very similar to the original song. Of course some nuances or original song tones may not be reproduced in full because it is impossible, but they are also professionals.
    The sound quality is guaranteed by compression to 192 Kbps stereo in Mp3 format.

  • What are the devices that can read the Mp3 Backing Tracks?

    How are normal Mp3, any Mp3 player, CD player, computer, laptop, etc., can read perfectly our Backing Tracks. It is also very easy to convert these Backing Tracks to CD.

  • Your Backing Tracks are produced from midi files?

    No. Some midi bases are used, but not directly, passing first by professional quality samples and music software.

  • Write the tracks with real instruments?

    Yes, many tracks are written with real instruments, such as guitars, drums, accordions, percurssion, etc., giving a Pro quality to the Master Backing Tracks.

  • I just need one or two Tracks written in the Backing Tracks. What can I do?

    We can customize any Backing Tracks. Contact us in this regard.

  • I need an Backing Tracks in a different key. Can you help me?

    You can optionally change the key for until + 4 semitones or -4 half tones.

  • Do you produce custom Backing Tracks?

    Yes, we produces any Backing Tracks. Contact us in this regard.

  • Can I use the Mp3 Backing Tracks on my keyboard musical instruments?

    Yes, all the latest keyboards can read mp3 files.

  • Can I merge in my shows midis with mp3 backingtracks?

    Yes, a large majority of our customers already do that. We have many mp3 Backing Tracks that are not in midi file (fado, pop rock songs, etc, etc) and this is a way to increase your repertoire with quality. Search in category "Only in Mp3, not midi" and you will see that we have many songs that are only available in Mp3 Backing Tracks. The quality is very good and has the option of transposing the Backing Tracks for your tone.

Chords editor

  • What is the Chords editor?

    Is an online software developed by Midiarte. The aim is to provide the lyrics with chords and give the option to transpose and print to pdf or a printer.

  • How can I purchase an annual subscription from the chords editor?

    Next to each midi file, style or mp3 will have a button that says "Edit Lyrics". Clicking this button will open a window to purchase.

  • What is the price of the year subscription?

    The price is €29.90 and has access to all the lyrics with chords of the site for one year.

Custom changes

  • I would like to customize a Midi file, Style or Mp3. Do you make this work?

    Yes, we offers a customization service for your midi files, styles and mp3 backing tracks.
    Is an additional job performed by our producers so that each midi or style is customized according to your personal taste.

  • What changes can be made?

    These are some examples of changes that can be made:

    Midi files
    -Mute the melody. 
    -Change the instrument from the track of the melody.
    -Remove or change lanes.
    -Remove parts of the song.
    -Tone/time Change, etc. 
    -Change any instruments track, up or down, etc.
    -Recording of midi files (modified or not) in audio (mp3)
    -Custom midi duplication.
    -Choose the lenth that you want in the midi. 
    -Choose the parts of the midi you want to duplicate, and the number of duplications of each part.
    -Mixs. Choose the midis that wants to mix and our technicians produce the Mix according to your choices.

    -Changes in Styles (Styles Pro only). 
    -Re edit of standart styles, in Pro version. 
    -Production of styles that already exist in midi.
    -Any other kind of modification, on request.

    Info: All the works will be carried out only after the budget presentation and acceptance by the customer.

    For us the changes you want, please contact us by this form.



Production of Original songs

  • I would like to write an original song. Do this kind of work?

    Yes, we produce original songs/lyrics and arrangements. The artist/group only needs to record the voices.

  • What original styles produce?

    Produce from Portuguese pop music, passing by the kizomba, dance, pop rock, etc.

  • Why choose for your company?

    Midiarte.pt combines the quality and creativity of our song writers with the ability to promote your work after being edited. After produce your original song , we also produce your Midi file, Style and VideoKaraoke being then promoted by our customers in shows and also in all karaoke bars in the country and Portuguese communities around the world. We have the largest platform for the promotion of artists and can take advantage of this platform.

  • I have some original songs. Do you make the orchestrations so that they are ready to record in Studio?

    Yes, we just need the melody and the lyrics. From there we will make the full Backing Tracks production studio-quality, ready to put your voice and make the final master.

  • What's the minimum of songs that I have to do for work?

    Currently there is no justification to do many original songs. 1 or 2 are enough to put on the radio, youtube, facebook, etc., and thus promote the better the work. The important is the final quality.

  • How can I listen to the quality of your originals?

    We have some demos to show you. Contact us in this regard.

Legality Certificates

  • What are Legality certificates and what is your purpose?

    Learn all the information HERE.

Payment methods
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Know everything in this LINK

Privacy policy
  • What is your privacy policy and data treatment?

    The technology for processing of data on this site is extremely secure. You can read more about privacy HERE, where explains how we treat your information.

Restrictions on the use and usage of Midi files, Backing Tracks and Styles.
  • What is not allowed?

    When you buy a Midi file, a Style or other product in Midiarte.pt is just to buy the license for the show legally in their shows or in private. This license does not grant the right to property of the files so the can: give, swap, share, distribute, lend or sell.

    It is also forbidden:
    -Use the Midi files or Styles, to create any audio or Video products.
    -Use the Midi files in whole or in part, as a source for samplers or sound modules, aiming the production of any other audio or video format, including Karaoke type products.
    -Use the Midi files, Backing Tracks or Styles for the production of VideoKaraokes for subsequent placing on the net, including Youtube channels. 
    -Use the sound recording of the material to be used, in full or in part, in any medium of visual presentation, including CDGs, DVDs, BD's, TV Programs, etc.
    -Print sheet music using the Midi files.
    -Modify or delete copyright within the Midi files or Styles.

    -It is strictly forbidden to share or make available on social networks, (notably in profiles and Facebook Groups) Midi files, Styles or any other product purchased at Midiarte.pt and belonging to the KARAOKEPT, musical editions Ltd.

    Piracy: due to increased piracy, all Midi files and Styles are embedded within the data of the person who has acquired, data which cannot be seen or removed without destroying the file. Any Midi file or Style found on the net (social networks, sharing sites, etc.) will lead the authorities to the original pirate.

    The KARAOKEPT will make every effort to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice and compensate the company for the serious damage that has had with this type of criminal practices.


  • How can I get access to your product catalog?

    You just need to log into your account. On the left side will show up "complete catalog" Click there and you will have up-to-date listings of the various products.

  • What is the periodicity of update with new songs?

    We monthly produces about of 10 new Midi files, Styles and Mp3 Backing Tracks.

Your songs in our catalog

  • Would you like to have your original songs on Midiarte?

    The Midiarte.pt is one of the best platforms for artists and groups promotion.

    Our customers are all professional musicians working in the most diverse places, these places are ideal for their songs become known to the general public.

    Would you like to have your original songs in the Midiarte catalog? We will be happy to help you reach further. Contact us in this regard.


  • I forgot my password. How to get it back?
    You can reset your password HERE
  • I was download a midi file, mp3 or style and it was stopped. What do I do?

    Don't worry, the download links are always available in your client account:
    -Login with your email and password
    -After logging in, click "my account"
    -Click on the "Downloads".

    Have available the downloads of all your purchases.


  • I would like to change my email since the former no longer use it. Is it possible?

    Yes, you can change your email. Log in with your old email and after login, within the your account choose "Change email"

  • I'm having some trouble understanding the structure of the site. What to do?

    Midiarte.pt have a client manager who will help you take all your questions. Contact them directly by contact form