The authorities, (SPA, IGAC, PSP) began supervising of Musical Groups (duos, trios, organists, solo artists, etc.).

The goal is to combat piracy, which is still very common in this activity, seriously affecting musicians working legally, authors and producers.

It is very common in performances certain individuals use midi files, music keyboards styles, Mp3 - Backing - Tracks, etc., without having any evidence that they were legally acquired. Usually these music files were copied by friends, downloaded from the net, bought in piracy, etc.
Even though these products were illegal, these "pirates" ended up walking immune in their performances, because the authorities had no practical way to monitor them.

WHAT HAS CHANGED? Any musical base, Midi file, Midi-karaoke, Music Keyboards Style, Mp3 - Backing - Tracks, etc, lacks necessarily a legality certificate issued by the producing company. Only this certificate makes cool musical bases used in spectacles.

The Midiarte.pt, as the only legally produce Midi files and music keyboards styles, is now obliged to pass this certificate of legality to its customers. It is this certificate that proves the legal purchase of products, the copyright payment and your authorization for public viewing.

For each purchase in Midiarte.pt site, the customer receives a Legality Certificate which must then print and enclose with the Midi Files or music keyboards styles.
The Legality Certificate with all products purchased, is also available on your control panel, when you login. More below have all the information on how to download your Legality Certificate with all products purchased so far.

The authorities require that any Midi file or music keyboards style publicly used, must be described in Legality Certificate.
Always print the certificate and make him keep up with the Midi Files or music keyboards styles you purchased.

The Midiarte.pt only be liable for securities listed on Legality Certificate, so seriously advise you to be not on your keyboard, or midi player, any other title which no proper Legality Certificate.

When working with Midi files or music keyboards styles assigned by friends, removed from the net or purchased without a certificate, it risks seriously getting your stuff seized in a show and to end his earlier performance, and then accountable to justice!

The Midiarte.pt welcomes these measures taken by the supervisory authorities will benefit because all the musicians who work with legal and products that were being harmed by others who resorted to midi files and pirates music keyboards styles, causing unfair competition.

Info: If you live outside Portugal read this article.

(With all Midi files, Mp3 or
Music Keyboards Styles obtained until now.)

01- Login to the site midiarte.pt

02- After being LOGIN, enter "My account"

03- Click on "Legal"

Read all the information carefully and download the Legality Certificate.

04- Whenever you place an order, your Legality Certificate will be updated with the new items purchased.

05- If, for any reason, your Certificate is not in accordance with your orders made at Midiarte.pt, please contact us through this